My name is Kelly and I am a mother of two beautiful boys who bring me so much happiness and laughter and have certainly changed my life for the better.  They also drive me crazy, frustrate me, exhaust me and make me long for sleep in ways I never thought possible.   I am a newly stay at home mom which has been a challenging transition personally but worth it as it allows me to focus on my boys and their needs……..speaking of needs….

My older son Charlie is 3 years old and has special needs which is why I have decided to start this blog.  I felt I needed an outlet to share the roller coaster of emotions that I experience daily (or hourly in some cases) that result from raising a child who is “atypical.”  Charlie is unique in that he exists from a clinical perspective in a “grey area”  The doctors are not convinced he is on the autism spectrum, he has not been diagnosed as autistic but rather he has been diagnosed with global developmental delays, language delays, impulsivity and hyperactivity and mild atypicality.   This leaves us in unknown territory for the next few years – as we wait to see if Charlie will catch up to his peers or fall further behind and eventually wind up with a diagnosis of Autism.  This wait and see situation is good in some ways, challenging in others; we do everything parents of children with autism do – speech therapy, occupational therapy, special needs preschool, sensory activities, scheduling and routine creation and more.

Since I started this blog back in December, Charlie has received an official Autism diagnosis. I was going to re-write the about me section based on this fact but after re-reading it I realized it doesn’t change things too much so for now, just adding this note.

We do not know what the future holds and that is okay. As a mother, all I want is for Charlie and Owen (forgot to mention him, poor guy but he is my engaging, happy and loving almost 5 month old boy) is to be happy, self-confident and secure in who they are while knowing without a doubt that they are deeply loved and cherished.

I hope my blog provides insight on what it is like to parent a special needs child, offers support to anyone experiencing the same thing, makes you laugh, makes you stop and think and helps us all realize that taking one day at a time and being grateful for all the blessings that are in our lives is really all that we need to do.



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  1. Hi Kelly! Just found your blog and wanted to say Hi!! I am a special education teacher (MD) and had a brother that was severely autistic so I commend you on your blog and look forward to reading all about your en devours! Please check out my blog as well. its a crazy mix of all sorts of things, some special ed related, of course 🙂

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