You probably thought this would be a mushy post all about the blessing of Christmas and stories of drinking hot cocoa around the Christmas tree while singing carols…..or maybe you actually live in the real world and know me a bit better than that! As I am multitasking this morning to pack up the kids supplies, bathe everyone, make sure the diaper bag is fully stocked and we don’t forget to bring anything to my in-laws, I wanted to take a quick moment to myself to think about my own Christmas Wish.

All I want for Christmas is to have fun, enjoy myself and just be present. Sounds pretty simple but it is easier said than done when dragging the family out, managing Charlie and Owen and just the typical craziness that goes along with the holiday events. I want Charlie to have fun. I want him to laugh and be excited and enjoy being with his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I hope he can try to stay calm, not freak out and hide in a corner for the day and just be a bit chill for the day. That might be asking too much and I am working on not putting high expectations on him or myself when it comes to these big events, parties, etc as many times nothing goes according to plan. So my Christmas Wish of having fun and enjoying myself means that no matter what may happen during the next few days of parties and celebrations, no matter how many meltdowns occur or how many times he hides in the corner I will be okay with it and just let it be. I won’t worry about what everyone else thinks of him or of how Jeff and I choose to handle the situation, I won’t keep apologizing for his behavior and I will really try not to feel like a terrible mom for having my IPAD fully charged and ready to go with movies in case we all need a break. So that is my present to myself, to have fun, enjoy every minute and BE PRESENT.

I wrote a little Christmas jingle set to the tune of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – so sing along in your head while reading it makes it more fun:

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
And could you please go to sleep
Please don’t pee the bed or I’ll have to change the sheets.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
See all of the toys under the tree?
Or if you’d rather watch Mickey and play with boxes it’s fine with me

Here we are trying to get dressed
Oh its such a mess, indeed
Button downs are just not your thing
And your melting down with speed

Here’s a snack just chill for a moment
So we can pack up the car
Please don’t ask for the IPAD its not that far

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Why are you banging your head?
Now you want to jump like monkeys on your grandparents bed

Here we are trying to have a meal
But you just can’t deal…. with meat
Mac N Cheese is the only thing
That you will eat….this year

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Did we bring enough wine?
Disney Jr’s on so mom and dad
can relax and dine

So Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Now……….

Happy Holidays! Love, Kelly, Jeff, Charlie & Owen

4 comments on “My Christmas Wish….”

  1. Dear Kelly,
    As a Mom whose life became decidedly enriched but highly challenged when my youngest son was born with life-threatening Congenital Heart Defects, I applaud you. I can’t tell you how many times I started journaling prior to surgery, during the long stays in the hospital and countless other times but I would always stop shortly after I started.
    Creating this blog is so powerful. Having the courage to share these deep feelings connects you to a world set apart by the challenges you face with Charlie. It can be a lonely road, but keeping connected to your family and friends who love you will be your lifeline. You will meet so many wonderful, dedicated people along the way, as I am sure you have already.
    God placed your beautiful son in your hands for a reason. I wish you all the blessings your heart can hold for Charlie, Owen, Jeff and especially you. I look forward to following your stories.
    Much Love,

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