I feel like it has been forever since I have posted and in a way for me it has! I have not gone this long without a post that it seems almost weird writing again. I have so much to share and so much in my head that I need to actually refresh myself on my own posts so that I know where I last left off.

The reason for the long silence on my part is two fold. First, I was in such a state of waiting to have our follow-up appointment at CHOP that I was in a sense distracting myself with many other things that had little or nothing to do with this blog or Charlie’s issues. I guess in a way, I was purposely focusing on other areas of my life in an effort to pass the time and avoid thinking about the meeting with the CHOP team. Second, on my way to that CHOP appointment on Wednesday I started feeling sick and by Wednesday night I was in full blown virus/flu type mode. The last few days have been a complete blur consisting of me mostly being asleep in my bed, chugging fluids, making my husband pick up the slack at home and being extremely thankful that my in-laws were kind enough to take the baby for a few days so that I could rest and recover and also in an effort to avoid getting him sick since he is so young and has not been vaccinated. I am starting to turn the corner today (saturday) and while I realize I am definitely not 100% I am coherent, not asleep and actually feeling semi-normal. I spent most of the day cleaning, washing and disinfecting my entire house and feel like life has returned to normal somewhat (whatever that means)!

So for those who have reached out via this blog, personal emails or text wondering where I disappeared to, why I have not provided a post or update I do apologize but I was seriously down for the count. I am guessing this hiatus will certainly impact my future posts on what has happened in the last week because I have had more time to think about things which is good for me as I can sometimes jump the gun or become overly focused in certain areas of my life. Maybe me getting sick was a sign that I just needed to take some time for me (even if that meant being asleep for most of it).

Stay tuned, more to come. And thanks for the follow-up and caring from those of you who did reach out, I truly appreciate it.

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