After thinking about my recent post regarding ADHD, I felt I had left out some important things and wanted to ensure I was sending the right message. Medication is in no way a cure all for ADHD and I know and realize that there are many effective ways in which to manage ADHD and other issues outside of medication. I am well aware that there are many positive results from dietary supplements, dietary restrictions, exercise, physical activity and in particular yoga and meditation to mitigate the symptoms of ADHD. For me personally, I have found many benefits in incorporating certain of these items into my life and I find that the more physical exertion we get from Charlie, the more calm and focused he is afterward.

I simply wanted to point this fact out as I know there is a lot of information on the web and many people feel that medication is wrong or not the best way to manage this condition. I agree in many cases and will continue to do whatever I can to ease both myself and Charlie away from medications if possible. There are many views on the topic and it was something I felt need a follow-up post from me.

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  1. Love your open mind with Charlie’s process….reinforces to us moms, do what you think is best. It’s that whole notion of “nobody knows your child better than you”…even my daughters ped believes that to be the case….and when it doubt explore other options.

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