Month: April 2015

Is awareness a bad thing?

About 2 months ago I came across a blog written by an adult woman on the autism spectrum disorder. I don’t recall the specific article or topic that led me to this blog but I liked it and found it helpful for me so I decided to start following along. Then a few weeks ago there were two separate articles posted that really made me stop and think about why I write, if it is wrong for me to write and about the potential impact on my son (both good and bad). In fact I have been so bothered by these specific articles that I pretty much stopped writing because I felt really bad about this particular blogger’s message. I have gone back a few times to reread the articles and am feeling a bit better about sharing our story via my writings but there continues to be some doubt. Writing for me is a really enjoyable hobby regardless of the topic. I started to write because I like it and those who follow my posts know that while I may have started writing or sharing my experiences being Charlie’s mom, many of my posts have nothing to do with autism. I don’t view my role as a burden nor do I view Charlie’s diagnosis as a tragedy…’s just what our world is and in my view I guess I feel that sharing information could be really helpful for those who spend time with Charlie. It is my job to navigate the world for him, to help others understand who he is and what he needs and to make sure that I understand as much as I can about how the world works for him. Do I have to share this via a blog? I guess I don’t to be honest and if writing has a negative impact on my son or his life than I don’t want to do it. Quite simply writing has been a nice outlet and I have met some really great people or connected with those I have not talked to in a while so I guess I don’t see how that could be viewed negatively. (more…)

Making the move….

bigger house

It has been a month since I have been able to find some downtime to write and as I type these words I am on a plane heading to California.  There are a few reasons I have not been writing lately (more to come on that)  but the major reason is because we  are finally moving!  I wanted to share this news a while back but after a few deals that fell through I was pretty sure it would be best to wait until the deal was actually done.  Our official move date is next Saturday but we settled on the new place a few weeks ago and I am definitely getting excited.   I have really been trying to find the time to sit down and write but any free time has been spent packing, organizing or coordinating the move so I figured since I am stuck on a 6 hour flight (not a good thing for my ADHD self) it was the perfect time to post. (more…)