Month: December 2014

Teach your children well…..or is it the other way around?

Everyone acknowledges that our job as parents is one of the hardest and challenging endeavors we will ever encounter. Teaching our children those key lessons in life that we feel will help them to become the best possible version of themselves. I am sure all of you (like me) spend time thinking about what you really want to make sure your kids know before they are grown and out of the house. (more…)

A new approach and the dreaded ENT

This week is technically a vacation week in our house but when it comes to managing our child’s needs, we never really have a week off. Today, we are going to see a new consultant and I am both apprehensive and excited about the potential outcome. After meeting with so many therapists, social workers and doctors, I continue to look for different types of intervention or guidance that is more fitting for our family and in particular for Charlie. Of course, speech and occupational therapy and medical expertise are all a critical part of the plan but the fact is that none of these services seem to help with how our family enjoys every day events or experiences and I personally believe it is critical that as parents Jeff and I learn how to make the most of our family time together. Now that we have another son, it is even more critical that we ensure Charlie’s needs and wants do not always overtake our family unit. I came across Relationship Development Intervention® in my research and it is often called the “missing link” in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. It is a cognitive/developmental program that teaches parents how to guide their child to desire and succeed in their environment. It is a well-documented, research based program that teaches parents how to guide their child in an ever changing, dynamic world. (more…)

My Christmas Wish….

You probably thought this would be a mushy post all about the blessing of Christmas and stories of drinking hot cocoa around the Christmas tree while singing carols…..or maybe you actually live in the real world and know me a bit better than that! As I am multitasking this morning to pack up the kids supplies, bathe everyone, make sure the diaper bag is fully stocked and we don’t forget to bring anything to my in-laws, I wanted to take a quick moment to myself to think about my own Christmas Wish. (more…)

To ask or not to ask…..that is the question

It sometimes feels like everyone is so concerned with being politically correct, not overstepping boundaries and avoiding hurt feelings that no one feels comfortable just talking honestly anymore. I have friends and family members who have been through many trials and challenges and even though I care deeply, worry about them and want them to know I am here to support them if needed, I often hesitate to ask the blunt question of how they are doing with their own situation. I fear bringing up something that they may not want to discuss or having an awkward moment or even more so bringing a bad vibe into the discussion so oftentimes I simply avoid or ignore it figuring if they want to talk about something they will most definitely bring it up in conversation. But the truth is, most people don’t bring it up, most people don’t know how to bring it up and they fear being ignored, rejected or they believe we are tired of hearing about their dilemma or challenge. (more…)

Can we ever be defined?

I have spent a considerable amount of time lately on both and  I realize this makes me incredibly interesting and cool but it can become slightly addicting,  this research on the meaning of various words and the defining of something.  This recent research was a result of my search for the name of this blog – trying to come up with a name that best represented my experience while at the same time not repeating the name of so many other helpful parenting blogs I have followed for some time.


It’s official….


This is my very first post and in all honesty I have been avoiding the actual writing part of starting my blog. I have so much to say yet struggle with how to begin to describe the experience of my world. As I sit here and work on figuring out the technology side of the blogging world I figured it was time to actually start writing and sharing so here goes….. (more…)